Image result for Top Cooking Schools in New ZealandIf you want to become a chef or you just want to get better at cooking, there are a variety of cooking schools in New Zealand. Many are affordable and the benefits are extraordinary. It’s really easy to get in touch with one of the following schools to book classes if this is something that interests you.

New Zealand Naval Cookery School, Auckland

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cook for an entire army, then enroll here. This cookery school will give you the skills and experience necessary to cook for the navy and you will even be taught your way around a ship. For those with a passion for cooking and also learning new experiences, this is ideal. You will cook for special events, formal occasions and everyday life for the men and women doing their bit for the country.

The Akaroa Cooking School, Akaroa

This cooking school offers classes to all different kinds of people looking to improve their cooking skills, whether you are doing it for a hobby or as a possible job in the future. Ant and Lou Bentley wants to teach people to make nutritious meals quickly, there is no excuse for not eating healthy particularly if you know how to cook. You will learn everything right from planning a meal, plating up and everything in between.

Otago Polytechnic, Otago

This is a campus that opened many years ago and they offer many different courses, including courses in cooking. You will gain certain certificates if you take cookery classes here and even possibly a diploma if you stick it out for long enough. These fun classes will give you the skills necessary to become a good cook and you will also gain the qualifications to make this a fully fledged occupation.