If you have some spare change in your pocket and some room in your belly, below are some of the most fabulous dining experiences for you to enjoy while in New Zealand:

Vinnies Restaurant, Auckland

If fine French dining is what you want, then look no further. Run by the talented and passionate chef Geoff Scott, foodies love this establishment which is due to the high-quality kiwi ingredients combined with the French style cooking. The dishes are so flavoursome and they are complimented nicely with some of the best wines in the region that are available.

Image result for Pacifica, NapierPacifica, Napier

There is a wide range of food available at this fine dining restaurant but they are well known for preparing the most exquisite seafood in the area. The dishes are going to leave your mouth watering, there is a wonderful ambiance in the restaurant and it’s guaranteed to become a firm favourite with something for all different tastes.

Sidart Restaurant, Auckland

I would go as far to say that this is a restaurant that is known worldwide, particularly for foodies. The tasting menu offers between 5 and 9 courses, complete with wine that matches it nicely. The ingredients used in the food are amazing and the menu is constantly tweaked to come with the most innovative dishes, helping Sidart remain top of the list in most amazing restaurants in New Zealand. The food is served so beautifully that they almost look too pretty to eat!

Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar, Auckland

Although it is luxurious, this restaurant is very laid back and for those who love oysters, you are going to feel like you are in heaven. The dishes are cooked to order with the most high-quality ingredients, their meats and fish being particularly amazing. This place has won several awards and it’s easy to see why