The best steak in New Zealand

Image result for The best steak in New ZealandWho doesn’t love a nice juicy steak? Well, perhaps not vegetarians but most meat-eaters will absolutely love biting into a big bit of beef at a high quality restaurant. The best steak in New Zealand has finally been revealed and it actually comes from a farm in Waikato. The Angus steak has been hailed as the most tender, succulent and tasty in general.

The annual steak awards, known as “Steak of Origin” awards hailed farmers Tim and Kelly Brittain the winners, although the head judge did say that this has been the toughest competition yet. There were over 300 farmers around New Zealand submitting their own sirloin cuts of beef into the awards, hoping to walk away with the crown. Scientific testing then got conducted on the steaks testing different things like tenderness, which helped to find the best 65. A panel then had the amazing job of tasting all these steaks before finally narrowing the choice down to a deserving winner.

All the steaks were cooked for 3 minutes on each side in oil that was not flavoured and no seasoning was added to help ensure a fair competition. It was a very tough call between the top steaks and there were even some small disagreements between the panel members, with them going back for second and third tastes, before eventually agreeing on a winner. The panelists were made up of 3 people, all based in the food industry who know a thing or two about quality.

Steak is an absolutely amazing meal and is best served with chips, potatoes or a salad. Some people like their steak cooked rarer than others, while some like a sauce on their meat. No matter how you like your steak, I hope this information about the best in New Zealand has been interesting!