Restaurants Switching to Vegetarianism

Image result for Restaurants Switching to VegetarianismMany people go from eating meat to NOT eating meat and more people are becoming vegetarian nowadays. However, to hear of a restaurant serving meat to going completely meat-free is pretty much unheard of. This is exactly what Hillside Kitchen and Cellar in Wellington are doing however and the owner says by September 1st, 2018, there will be no meat whatsoever on the menu.

This particular restaurant has received awards for their food in the past, they are very popular so it could be risky making such a big move but hopefully, it will pay off for them. The chef and owner is a man named Asher Boote and he claims that going vegetarian is down to both ethical beliefs and an attempt to keep growing as a business while creating innovative and tasty dishes for the customers.

The Hillside Kitchen and Cellar have always had quite strong beliefs about food and always used free-range animal products in every dish on the menu with meats now gone off the menu completely, however, loyal customers might get a shock but hopefully it will help to attract some new ones. There have always been interesting vegan dishes on the menu and this is sure to expand even more when the change takes place.

The foods offered at the restaurant are all going to be grown from an in-house garden. Vegan food is on the rise in New Zealand and the passion that this place is exhibiting plus their already stellar reputation, hopefully means this is going to take them to even greater heights. There is going to be some refurbishment work here so it will be closed for a little while before September 1st. If you are in New Zealand, be sure to check out the relaunch of this restaurant in a couple of months’ time.