New Zealand is an amazing country with all different types of food that you should give a try. New Zealanders cook certain types of foods really well and some popular types of cuisine in the country are as follows.

Image result for TuatuaTuatua

This is a New Zealand delicacy that you would struggle to find in any other country. Tuatua is a type of shellfish but it’s usually milder than other types of shellfish and it’s got a creamer taste too. This is not the type of food that everyone would like but if you enjoy seafood, it’s likely to appeal to you. This is usually served with herbs and sometimes in a broth to release the full flavours.


You’ve probably heard of this traditional dessert that originally comes from New Zealand. This meringue-based dish is creamy and topped off with lots of seasonal fruits. It’s the perfect finish to a meaty meal.

Hokey-pokey ice cream

Sticking to the sweet theme, for now, is the delicious hokey pokey ice cream which is very popular in New Zealand. It is basically vanilla ice cream containing lumps of honeycomb. Forget Ben and Jerrys, once you sample hokey pokey ice cream (which is available in all grocery stores in New Zealand), you won’t be going back.


Although Marmite is technically a British spread, it’s very popular in New Zealand – probably more so than in the UK in fact. Many people like to have Marmite on toast for breakfast but this is definitely an acquired taste that won’t appeal to everyone. The taste of the spread can be comparable to Vegemite.

Green lipped mussels

These type of mussels are only available in New Zealand and if you like regular mussels, you are going to love these. Available in most restaurants and fresh from the sea, this food is known to have many health benefits.