“Pay what you can afford” Restaurant in Auckland Proving Popular

Image result for Pay what you can affordWhile the little luxury of eating out at a restaurant is something everybody should be able to afford from time to time, sadly it isn’t possible for all budgets. Looking to change that is a charity pop-up restaurant in Auckland called “Everybody Eats”. All the food served here is donated by a charity and after your meal, you just pay what you can afford at that moment in time. You can give NZ$1 or even less for a delicious meal and you do not have to feel guilty about it. Whether you are a student or have simply fallen on hard times, no questions will be asked so just enjoy the experience.

Some people eat at this restaurant without paying a penny and that is completely fine. It is more like a community of sorts, with people of all different walks of life coming together, socialising and getting the experience that they would not otherwise be able to. Despite this, the food is tasty and all locally sourced with great ingredients.

Everybody Eats is proving really popular, it has such a nice atmosphere and everybody enjoys the general message it is trying to put across. While this pop-up restaurant was started up as something temporary, an experiment of sorts, the founder Nick Loosely has been overjoyed with the success and wants to open up a permanent restaurant. He will need funding of course and what is why he is asking everybody to donate what they can in order to make a difference.

This business makes such a nice change from managers simply trying to get as much money as possible out of their customers. Everybody Eats cares about one another and this is definitely the kind of togetherness that Auckland needs, especially with the tough circumstances that some people have to live with.