There are many delicious foods to try in New Zealand, the cuisine is unbelievable because Kiwis certainly love their food and are proud to share it with you. If you find yourself in the country and are passionate about food too, you should consider ordering some of their traditional dishes. While many of these foods will not be new to you, the kiwi way of cooking them will be, so give them a go.

Roast Lamb

Such a tender meat and even more so when it is from New Zealand. Roast lamb is a particular favourite in New Zealand and it’s actually the meat that is most heavily exported to other countries. You’ll struggle to find a restaurant menu in the country and indeed the world that doesn’t serve lamb complete with seasonal vegetables and a little bit of rosemary, delicious!

Image result for Māori hāngīMāori hāngī

This is possibly a dish you’ve never heard of before but it contains simple ingredients that are sure to appeal. It is basically a whole lot of meats thrown together and cooked in a certain way to enhance the tastes. Some of the meats that will traditionally be found in a Māori hāngī pork, chicken, mutton and a whole lots of vegetables. If you spot this on menu when dining in New Zealand, give it a try and you will not regret it.

Fish and chips

While heavily known as a traditional meal in the UK, fish and chips is actually a Kiwi favourite too and it’s thoroughly appetising. Some of the most popular fish used for the dish in New Zealand are hoki, snapper and terahiki. The fish is then cooked in batter before being added to some delicious chips and often scallops/squid too. People like to finish this meal with a nice cold beer, particularly refreshing in the summer.