New Zealand Biggest Food Trends for 2018

Image result for Food Trends for 2018When you go to your favourite restaurant in 2018, you might experience some changes. Food trends are evolving and the changes you might face include the following:

Less alcohol

More and more companies are promoting drinking less booze and a variety of restaurants in New Zealand are set to introduce low ABV drinks and some with no alcohol altogether. It is surprising that many younger people are staying away from alcohol with drinks like matcha teas increasing in popularity with millennials. While this might not be super appealing, your liver will thank you.

More locally sourced food

It is thought that a big trend for New Zealand restaurants in 2018 is going to be a lot of plant-based cuisine, locally sourced from the area. Not only is this fresher, it helps support local businesses and this is what many Kiwi dining establishments are hoping to do this year. This might be a little more expensive, so be sure to check your bank account before you visit.

Allergen friendly options

With more people wanting gluten-free food, the message stands firmly on health this year. This means chefs providing dishes that are more organic than ever before and allergy-friendly food is vastly becoming available. Many restaurants are even letting customers request certain things when they have their meals suited to the personal preferences and any food intolerance that they might have.

A delivery system

In the busy world around us, many people don’t even have the time to sit in a restaurant nowadays. This is why many establishments are now putting into place ordering systems where you can order your food and then pick it up or more commonly, have it delivered to you. This is super convenient if you like restaurant quality food but with no desire to actually go inside one.