Image result for Food in New ZealandWhat use is it going to New Zealand if you are not going to try some of the popular foods in the country? Some of these are available in restaurants, while some you can just buy some at the grocery store and cook them yourself.


This is a type of fruit and it’s quite popular in New Zealand, particularly during the Autumn. It is similar to guavas but also has a hint of pineapple and strawberry in regards to the taste. The faijoas fruit is a popular accompaniment to smoothies, ice cream, and even beer. You will find this fruit in abundance at stores between the months of March – July.

Kiwi Burger

In most food establishments, you will be able to order a kiwi burger which is basically just regular beef patties with beetroot and fried egg between the buns for a little extra flavour. It might sound a little strange but it is absolutely delicious.

Whitebait fritters

You’ve probably realised by now that fish and seafood is very popular in New Zealand and you should think of whitebait fritters as a little fishy omelette. Whitebait are basically baby fish that are between one and two inches long and when cooked and coated correctly – they taste amazing. You would struggle to find whitebait fritters in any other country in the world.


If you like sweet potatoes, you are going to love kumara because that is pretty much what it is but even more delicious. Kumara was originally brought to New Zealand many years ago and it tastes best in a dish with lots of different meats.


You might not think of spiky sea urchins as edible, but once the insides have been dissected and cooked it’s delicious, and kina has been a delicacy in New Zealand for many years.